Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dumb Jokes

Ok - no sock pics yet, soon tho. And maybe some other pics as well. For now, just a few dumb jokes I found on german newsletters (Addi).

A little boy left the church and twirled his rosary around his finger like a propeller. The priest cam and sternly told him “You must be careful with your rosary! Always remember that there is a little baby Jesus in each of the beads.” As soon as the priest was out of sight, the little boy said, “Hold on boys, here we go again!”

Why do you call your girlfriend “easter egg”?
Because she is so round and brightly painted.

How do you make chocolate eggs?
By mixing cocoa in the chicken feed.

Mr. Smith has returned home from his vacation. He reports to his buddies: Suddenly, there I was, in the middle of the desert, surrounded by Moroccans. Moroccans in front of me, Moroccans behind me, Moroccans next to me.” “And what did you do?” “I bought the carpet.”

“What are you cutting out of the newspaper?” the waiter asked his regular customer.
“The article about the man who killed his wife because she was constantly searching the pockets of his suits.”
“And why do you need that article?”
“To stick it in my suit pocket.”

Oh, Grandma, the drum set was my favorite Christmas present.
Oh, Really? Said the happy grandmother.
Yes, Mom gives me $1 for every day that I don’t play with it.

Yesterday I was at the Christmas Market with my husband.
And, could you get rid of him?

Why are Christmas Trees such bad knitters?
Because they keep dropping their needles.

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