Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blueberry Hamsters

These are the Divine Miss M's birthday present from last May. I promised to post pics before, but it's dreadfully difficult to take pics of these little guys. You can't use a flash cuz you'll scare them, literally to death. And they are so small that you have to get really close to them. You can see how small they are by how big my fingers are in the pic where I'm giving them each a sunflower seed. They've learned that when I open the top of their tank, they are each going to get a sunflower seed. One of them always eats it right away, one of them always stuffs it in her cheek and then asks for more and the third one alternates between the two. Their names are Blue, Berry and Hammie but I couldn't tell you which name belongs to which critter - the girls can tell them apart but I can't. They are as cute as they can be and I'm awfully glad the girl got them because I enjoy them.

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Eve said...

I've never heard of blueberry hamsters, but they are so cute. If cats didn't rule my house, I'd have to get some.