Friday, December 31, 2010

Travel Gnome

I'm Dena's Travel Gnome!  Dena sent me to visit the east coast to see things I haven't seen out west.  I am seeing things I've never seen before!

This is a coffee/tea cup.  Not sure how I got in here or what I'm doing.

We went to visit the beach . . . they made me read this sign . . .

Then they showed me the dunes.  Lovely view!

Then they put me in the vegetation on the dunes to take a picture.
I hope that wasn't illegal.

The beach is gorgeous and the ocean is spectacular.  I think I like the east coast.

Except maybe the jellyfish . . . they look dangerous. 
(They told me that Windex takes away the sting if you get hit.)

They let me get really close to the waves, but told me not to get wet cuz the water is cold this time of year!

Then they took me to the bay side - this is a little pond.  We saw pelicans, great blue herons, egrets, anhingas and several other kinds of birds on this pond - but the turtles were not out (thankfully - would have hated it if they'd bit me!!!)

I climbed a palm tree and learned all about spanish moss.

I sat in the sun.  I grabbed a handful of spanish moss, but they said I couldn't bring it home with me because spanish moss is full of chiggers!

I hung out with the dog - she was asleep, but we still hung out.  Her fur is warm.

I thought about visiting the jungle but decided to hang on the boardwalk instead of looking for panthers.

Look at the really cool bugs they have in Florida!!!
(A little scary tho, aren't they?)

This road is totally lined with live oaks that have spanish moss draping to the ground on either side.  It's shady no matter how sunny it is and it's absolutely beautiful.

Heck, I even made some friends on the east coast.  
Ok, I didn't actually make them, Teresa and Girl Far From Home made them.
But they are now my friends!

 And when we got back home from Florida, we drank margaritas and ate cheese dip and chips!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm thinking that some knit gnomes would be great Christmas presents... next year!

Happy New Year!