Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wine Tasting

When Teresa came out here to visit, one of the many things she wanted to do was wine tasting. And she has been out here twice and we have had tons of fun and done tons of things but we haven't gone wine tasting.
Mom and I have gone wine tasting. Mom and I have gone wine tasting with Kathy (my sister in law). We have been to several many vineyards doing wine tasting and wine buying. But we have always been having so much fun doing other stuff that we haven't found time to do wine tasting when Teresa was here.
So, on Saturday, Teresa and I went off on an adventure to do some wine tasting. As you might recall, it has been snowing here - a lot. And sure enough, Saturday morning it was snowing. I was supposed to pick Teresa up at 10:30 and wehen I got there, we debated - go and hope the snow stops or put it off for another time. So off we went.
The first winery on our list was Ste Chappelle Vinyards. It is over on Sunny Slope where many of the wineries are (making it very convenient to follow up this wine tasting with more wine tasting at more wineries).
As we were driving over (about an hour - hour and a half drive), the snow kept coming down and seemed to be coming down harder and harder. We discussed again giving this up for a better day. So when we got to Ste Chappelle we were a bit worried - the parking lot hadn't been shovelled since the day before (about an inch and a half everywhere), there were no foot prints showing anyone had gone into the winery since the day before.
We went inside and they found Kathy (see her in the picture?) and we started wine tasting. Teresa got 5 to taste and I got 5 to taste. So between us we had ten wines. The nicest young couple from Anchorage Alaska came in and were doing wine tasting also. Between us we were keeping Kathy busy - Teresa and I were doing whites and sweets and Brian and his wife were both doing reds. Teresa and I ended up tasting some merlots because Kathy forgot whose glass she was pouring - all added to the fun. I could tell you all the wines we tasted (yes I have them written down) but I won't. Come on out and we will go wine tasting.
Teresa and I went out to the car and found it still hadn't stopped snowing. My car did not want to make it to the top of the hill - the parking lot was down hill from the road out. Brian rescued us and showed us a neat trick for walking the car up a hill. A thousand thank yous to that great young couple.
Since it wasn't going to stop snowing and since all the other wineries had snowy snowy unshoveled long uphill drives, we went home and decided to do more wine tasting another day.
Unfortunately for Teresa of this blog, the Teresa I went with is Sandy's little sister and not my little sister. But I tried. Oh, and I did buy my sister a Christmas present. Shhhh - don't tell her.

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trh said...

This Teresa really likes wines . . . and she prefers whites because they don't cause the nasty headaches she gets when she drinks reds.

Next time I come out, we go out and drink wine.