Saturday, December 25, 2010

It was a plentiful Christmas

 I'm not naming any names here, but someone got up earlier than the rest of the kids and opened her stocking.    She took it off the couch and sat in the middle of the rug trying to get the stuffs out of it.  Thankfully, she only opened her own stocking because the other girls got chocolates in theirs.  Hers had Dingo bones in it (sealed in a plastic bag) and she must have smelled them (how?) and wanted the Santa toy.  She really enjoyed the bones once she got them and she's been carrying around the Santa toy all day.

There were plenty of presents under the tree for all - maybe too many?

This was a very special gift to me from Girl Far From Home.  I can't quite figure out how she managed to get it, but I know where she got it.  There is a visitor center just off the Blue Ridge Parkway where they sell handmade items from local craftspeople and artists.  She and I have stopped there before and I admired the beautiful dolls and was amazed at how relatively inexpensive they were given the amount of work that went into them.  I also remember them from my own childhood.  Somehow she got back there and this is what she bought me - be sure to read the tag - it's a wonderful sentiment!

 Bad picture but such a beautiful bunny doll!  I really was blown away by this one!

 A combo gift for Steve and Me - hmm, friends don't let friends drink and knit but I haven't heard that about tatting yet . . . wonder if Dena is trying to slow me down?
I love Ice Wine and did not know it came in reisling or merlot.  Cant wait to try it!

Unwrapping was fun, reusing the wrapping bits was also fun!

The girls got way too much stuff, but it all seemed to be stuff they wanted or needed. Miss M got several puzzles from Gramma and puzzles are definitely one of her favorite things.

Someone was a little bored since she opened all her presents before anyone else was up. 

What a mess!  

But much happy playing and even sharing!

Still bored.  Wonder if anyone wants to play with me?
No?  Ok, I'll just go hang out under the tree with Santa.

The drinking gal's Mystery Sock Knit a Long!  
Family Jewels in Plum Wine.
Can I drink my ice wine while I knit it?
Do they make Plum Ice Wine out there?

Knitting books!  Lots of Knitting books!  (Thanks Mom!)

Coffee!  And a coffee cozy!
More about this one later . . . .

A gorgeous tea cup for Tatting Tea Tuesday.  I can save this one and hand it down to the girls when they grow up and move out.  The tea is orange cinnamon and it smells soooo good!!  I can't wait to try it.
I've offered to let Girl Far From Home use some in her new infuser cup - she can even take some back to school with her if she wants.

Tatting thread and lots of darning needles.  I guess next time I lend one to my only sister, I won't have to insist she give it right back so I can keep it safe.  She can hang onto it until she's really and truly done with it!
And a knitting gnome . . . wonder where he wants to go?

Lovely little stork scissors all around . . . from both Mom and Dena to all the ladies here!
And there is more yet to come . . . looks like the Girl Far From Home's Birthday is going to be plentiful too!


Gina said...

Love the teacup! Your dog is a sweetie!

Isdihara said...

A treasure trove of tatting and crafting goodies! Your new tea cup is so pretty! Thanks for sharing the spoils of your special day. Loved every word.