Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Bluebird Told Me

well, maybe not told me but sent me. . . .

I waited and waited to open my exchange after it came Wednesday because some people are holding theirs until Christmas.  Ok, I waited two days, but they were two very long days with that package sitting there, staring at me, giggling and teasing me.

And then, when catching up on my blog reading, I saw where A Happy Bluebird had gotten and opened her exchanges and I figured it was only right to open the one I got from her so she could enjoy hearing how much I loved everything in it!!!

She made this gorgeous snowflake for me and included it in the card.  She wrote a lovely note in the card - so sweet, kind and thoughtful.  This snowflake is beautiful - wish I could get my picots to be that uniform and wish my tatting looked half as good.

On my wish list, I asked for patterns because I don't really have that many but didn't really expect any.  Got a whole book of snowflake decorations (plus santa, a wreath, a tree, etc).  This is a lovely book with lots of patterns in it (now I just wish she'd included a little spare time in the package)!

And four - count them  FOUR - balls of thread.  I looked for some nice Christmas green and didn't find any so have been using some sort of olive green instead.  Now I have a lovely green and a very Christmassy red too!  Throw in the white and black and I can make Santa!  LOVE it!

And then there was this little tin - cute isn't it?  Inside she tucked a needle threader, a pair of beautiful little (sharp) stork scissors with a lovely black and white design on them and a blinged shuttle!!!  I am guessing that she blinged it herself cuz I remember reading the post when she decoupaged it (look here!).  I'm thrilled to have a decoupaged shuttle because I just haven't got time to make my own . . . and this one is really pretty!

Here is the whole lot of it together.  Thank you so very much Cindy!  It's all lovely and I'm so thrilled to have it.  What a generous and special package.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lovely! This exchange has been so much fun! I hope we do one again next year!

Happy Bluebird said...

I'm so glad you like the things I chose to send you - secret Santa exchanges are so fun. So sorry I couldn't send spare time - I had to keep what I could find!

Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas :)

dmr said...

you certainly got some great loot