Thursday, December 30, 2010

Florida Crafting

We always try to spend a few days at the beach during the holidays and this year is no exception. I have gotten pretty good at packing enough knitting and tatting supplies for the trip, mostly by packing three times as much as any two people could accomplish in twice the allotted time. That works as long as I am the only one knitting and tatting. Sometimes I am not the only one.

This trip we had Inspiration from Dena and no supplies for the desired projects. Thankfully, I keep a bag of spare yarn in the trunk with the spare tire - both terribly important in case of emergency. Unfortunately, there was off white but it was too close to white to be gnome skin color. But I also had some Constant Comment tea. We did what had to be done and let the knitting commence!

The knitting happened in restaraunts and the condo. It happened during the day and in the evening - between beach walks and seeing True Grit (loved it). After a quick trip to Walmart for eyes and stuffing and a last little bit of knitting, we are heading home with more Traveling Gnomes than we left home with!!

Arrival in Florida . . .

Yarn from the trunk of the car . . .

Constant Comment Tea.

Tea dyed yarn . . .

Knitting in the restaurant.

Knitting in the evening.

Bits from Walmart.

(Pattern is by Raynor Gellatli and can be found on her blog Knitted Toy Box or on Ravelry here.  I made some major changes to the pattern as Raynor knit the gnome flat and in two pieces and sewed the back seam and the bottom on.  Since I don't do seams if there is any way to avoid them, I knit my gnome in the round and in one piece.)


Gina said...

Sounds way too familiar to me - only mine is with tatting and of course, I pack supplies for a variety of projects only to find that the ONE I settle on...requires something different from what I have. :-)

TypsTatting said...

Your gnomes are really cute where did you get the pattern? I have a bag ready to take when I go out so all I need to do is grab it!

Teresa said...

Thanks Typs! I added a link to the pattern. I would have put it in there when I posted the blog post, but posting from the iPhone makes that all but impossible!

Bigelow Tea said...

Those little gnomes are adorable! We're so glad that our Constant Comment tea came in handy on the road. (We hope you also had a cup to drink!) Thanks for sharing your talents ... and for reminding everyone to always keep their favorite tea nearby!
-Deb for Bigelow Tea