Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament? I did not until I knit my own parliament. It started simply enough. Girl Far From Home came home and had a friend come over to go to a midnight movie. We all went out and while out we got a cup of coffee. I used one of the cozies Mom gave me and the friend  admired it.  She was offered and said she would love a knit cozie.  I knit one - the off white one - but was
told the young lady wanted turquoise.  So I grabbed the turquoise, blue and  green that I had spun and never used.  Then Girl Far From Home thought these would make nice gifts for her friends far from home. I grabbed more handspun and knit more for them. Then I just couldn't stop. There are two in this parliament that will be flying west to stay with Mom and Dena. There is one that will stay with me. And there is one that will belong to The Divine Miss M.

And now I am done with owls . . .

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Sewicked said...

And having those around are great when entertaining. Keep them in different colors and everyone picks one. They keep the cozy on their drink and can always identify it. No more mixed up glasses.