Friday, December 3, 2010


I have a fantastic sister who is amazingly talented at all things fiber as well as being a super mom. You know her as Teresa (or I occasionally refer to her as Ritza, all the same person).

And if you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know about mom. Her only name is mom as far as I know. At least that is the only name I have ever known her by. She is a knitter and crocheter and spinner and weaver. Seems to me I remember her saying she once tatted also.
Mom and I went on a trip to visit Teresa. Although Teresa made us work our fingers to the bone, we also had some fun. We got to attend Teresa's knitting class two Monday's in a row. Teresa is an excellent teacher and I got to learn how to do twined or two-ended knitting. I know that Teresa has shown me how at least two times before but I think it is going to stick this time. The teacher taught but the student failed to learn.
I grabbed a couple of pictures of Teresa teaching her class. Mom is sitting to the left of Teresa in the class photo. All of them so busily knitting and learning and I am doing nothing but taking pictures.
The classes are held in Atlanta if you are ever down that way. Monday mornings. Great teacher - fun class, terrific students.
On the way home, we took the very long way around and got to see some other family we hadn't seen in a while.
The group photos are of mom, her oldest son (our brother Rob who is almost 50 years older than Teresa and I), his son Chris, and Chris's children Travis, Chase and Hailey.
This was the first time mom got to meet Hailey. She brought Hailey a teacup and saucer that had belonged to her mother, something passed down many generations by giving it to Hailey.
The other picture is of Rob's wife JoAnn talking to her grandchild, mom's greatgrandson, Chase.
We had a fantastic brunch at a restaurant JoAnn picked out followed by a day spent with Rob and JoAnn and Kristen. It was a fantastic visit. We got a chance to catch up on what everyone was doing, to talk about family, and to share a meal together.

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trh said...

Um, I didn't know you were taking pics, let alone bad ones . . . don't think you are going to be invited to any more of my classes young lady!