Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As promised, here are pictures with some scale so you can see how big I made the socks. First, I made the smaller size in stitch count, but was getting a slightly larger gauge than the pattern calls for - and this is a stretchy pattern, so the smaller size fits my feet nicely.

Second, those two balls are not quite exactly the same size - the one on the right is a bit larger. I did make sure that the weight of the two balls was the same when I split the skein into two balls (yes, I rewound it into to evenly sized balls).

Third, I love the way this yarn knits up - the swirls and elipses are fabulous. Since I currently have the socks in my possesion . . . well, isn't that 9 tenths of the law? Doesn't that mean I get to keep them?

And this . . . this gorgeous hunk-a-wool is the Dicentra Designs roving called Eowyn. I'm even more in love with the colors in person than I was on the screen. There is a whole bunch of new fiber up in that shop today that was not there the other day . . . I could find a lot to buy there.

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Eve said...

Since I'm reading this on Friday, can I assume you've already spun that gorgeous roving into yarn? I'm looking for pictures of it later today.