Friday, May 15, 2009

More Mother's Day

Mom got the nicest things for Mother's Day.

She got fiber from her darlingest daughter. She got almost an ounce of white milk fiber. Gloriously soft and silky milk fiber. AND She got a HUGE hank of domestic top in a wonderful colorway called Cupid's Arrow. The package came by way of and was wrapped up in pretty ribbons and bows and packaging. One of the best gifts ever. Mom is going to spin it after Teresa teaches the spinning classes.

I had never heard of milk fiber until I got a sample in my Phat Fiber box (yes I know I haven't posted pictures yet). But I did learn that: a natural protein makes skin delicate and smoot, the amino acids make the fiber antibacterial and antifungal, and it is glossy, and luxurious, feels wonderfully silky.

And then there were roses.

Mom's oldest and most loved son and his wife sent not a rose, or even a dozen roses but TWO rose plants. They were the Cherokee Rose mom has been wanting. She had a Cherokee rose in Georgia (the state flower) but it isn't here. And it got killed off there also.

Now she has two and we will plant them on either side of the bridge. The bridge that goes between here house and mine goes over one of my gardens and there will be room to plant her roses after I get some of the weeds out of the garden bed. I have a few days because the plant needs to sit in the shade for a day or two but I will get the garden weeded and the roses planted and more pictures taken. The other pot of bulbs in the picture is something JoAnn and ROb sent mom when she first got to Idaho.

Mom got water plants and tubs to plant them in from her younger son, but I didn't get pictures of them. Andrew helped her open the box and plant the plants and put them in the ponds and he didn't get pictures.

I am sure she got other stuff but I didn't see it to take pictures, so I apologize if I left your gift out.


trh said...

That fiber braid is absolutely lovely - I really like the pink/red/burgundy colors. It's going to make some very lovely yarn!!! Can't wait to see the milk fiber in person. . .

Eve said...

Wow! that fiber is just gorgeous!