Friday, May 1, 2009

Preparations for Fiber Fest

I have been working hard on getting my stuff together for the Fiber Fest. So has mom.

Mom is hosting a wine tour of Idaho since there are over 30 wineries in very close proximity. Some we have tasted and bought wines from (Williamson Orchard and Vineyards has great wines) but mom is going through and checking out where we should go. On June 21st there is Savor Idaho, a Wine and Food event. Depends on when the Fiber Fest is. But mom has the list of wineries and is planning the tour.

Mom is also hosting a tour of LYS. She has a list of 9 yarn shops and is picking and choosing. (yes, we have 3 times as many wineries as yarn shops but it turns out that Idaho has a perfect soil and climate for growing grapes.

In order to finalize mom's LYS Tour plans we are going to have to check out most of the stores on her list. It turns out we have been to four of the 9. One I have been to years ago but they are having an open house tomorrow with sheep sheering and spinning demonstrations and stuff. Okay it is more a spinning than yarn store but we will make the trip and check it out. Monday we will check out another spinning yarn store. This one we had finally found last year but both times we went there it was closed. It will be open Monday and we will be there. And then next Thursday we will check out the two LYS in Nampa when mom goes into get her ears checked. There is one yarn store in Boise I have looked for over the years. I have been to the address but just can't find the store. We will probably skip that one although it is probably the one Teresa would like the best.

I (Dena) have been working on my class stuff.
For Increases and Decreases: All the Ins and Outs I have lesson plan, student handout, student exercise, and knitted sample. Need to find yarns: student must bring their own needles.
For Tatting for the Beginner, I have lesson plan, student handout (with lots of pictures), student exercises, supplies for students, and door prizes for each of the three sessions. Way cool door prizes. You are going to love these door prizes. I have the exercises all picked out and just need to tat up the lesson samples and samples of each exercise.
For Portuguese Knitting, I have lesson plan, and all supplies except yarn. Of course when I get the yarn for the other classes, this one will be covered also.

It turns out that there are four alpaca farms here in town. My itty bitty town. And alpaca owners are the very nicest of people. So this morning we took a tour of one of the farms and met all kinds of friendly alpaca. And felt their fleece. Such wonderful fleece. And the best of the best were down in Denver at a show winning awards. Mom and I learned so much and came away with three bags full. During the Fiber Fest, we will be returning so Teresa can meet all our new friends. Everyone of them has a name but I won't remember all the names.

Since Teresa is doing the spinning classes and bringing ALL the supplies, mom thought we should help out. So we got the alpaca fiber. White and the most gorgeous brown. The white is from Joey and the brown from El Ninya. (Yes I know enough spanish to recognize the problem there but that is her name). Hopefully, we will have it all cleaned up and carded by June. And maybe dye some of the roving. Or should we wait to dye it? Mom has dyes but who will host that session? (Hint, Hint)

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trh said...

Is some of the fiber already processed into roving? The white looks like it. Or is it raw alpaca locks? Should I bring my cards? I've always heard you can just open up the locks and spin them but I haven't tried it (even tho Maple sent me some raw locks). I will try that before I come out.

Very cool that you got the alpaca cuz it's about the easiest fiber to spin!!!