Friday, May 8, 2009


First, this week is Giveaway Week in the Phat Fiber World. If you haven't gone and looked at the Phattie's stores, you really should. There is some beautiful fiber out there. My problem is that my eyes are bigger than my wallet - still, some of the vendors are having terrific sales and others have coupons on the secret site.

So far we have:

All of them have gorgeous stuff and it's hard when you look in those shops not to order several things. But you have to hurry to enter as the drawings are today!

Second, please go check out the Phat Fiber Spring Competition. The entries are all really great. I won't say here which entries are mine, but if you haven't voted for your favorites, you really should. I hope you'll pick some of mine as your favorites! Voting for this contest doesn't end until the 15th.

And lastly, a very bad picture of the Palindrome hat that Miss S knit for the assistant college counselor at the school. This lady was a huge help when both girls were taking the SAT tests in January. This first pic doesn't show the color of the hat at all, but it does show it on a head. It's made using Baby Alpaca Grande by Plymouth Yarns which the girl loves to knit with. It's so soft and squooshy that I think the recipient will love it too.

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