Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spun Yarn

A pile of handspun yarn that is waiting to be knit. The chocolate brown in front is what's left of the alpaca/merino that I made the shawlette from. The lighter brown in front is the gray/white/brown is the stuff I entered in the contest - destined to be wrist warmers for the girls. The light green is the ecospun (recycled pop bottles)/merino that has no purpose yet. The pastel next to it is merino samples that are destined to become an I-Touch holder for a young lady. The green and blue that are behind those are destined to become short sweaters for young ladies and the pastel in the back might become a bag - someone called it for something but I can't remember what. Not shown is the deep turquoise/purple that I love and it's destined to become another shoulder shawl, probably one that I will design for myself.

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