Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Phat Fiber

This is the box that Lanolyn won. It's lovely - maybe the best one yet. First the bits - several stitch markers, a wonderful old spinning wheel necklace, a needle case, a made by tag, a bookmark, a pattern and a mini WIP bag by ruddawg - which I love! And there is a handmade ceramic button by Summer Studios .etsy that I think is fabulous - think I'll buy a set for my February Lady.

And the yarn - I got some Beautiful silk from Fiber Friendzy and some gorgeous handspun by Sheepish, some nice bare corriedale from Black Tie, green sock from Polyart Designs, some pretty blue/yellow from Serindipitous Ewe which has been claimed by a girl, and the lovely, soft and gorgeous purple from Snicklefritz.
And the fiber - oh the fiber! I finally got a Giffordables bat! And the Maude & Me sample is huge. And I wish words could convey how wonderfully soft and shiney the Portfibers braid (in the middle) is - I think I'm sleeping with it tonight. And Wild Hare sent a cute little needle felted flower button with her sample. I'll always love Feeling Sheepish - she didn't have to send me a sample cuz I'll be buying from her again and I suspect you will too! BusyBee.etsy is new to me but the sample (in the baggie) is glitzy and gorgeous and soft.

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