Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday's Nail Day

There is Knitting Monday and Tatting Tea Tuesday. But have you heard of Nail Thursday?

Thursday is an Outing Day and Mom loves being creative with her nails. Her accomplice in this is Trevlyn at Wink (nail and hair salon in Emmett Idaho).
Mom gets custom nails every week or two. She matches her outfit or picks a glorious color.
But for the holidays, mom is going all out.
For Halloween, she had her nails done in a bright orange and then had Trevlyn paint on jack-o-lantern faces, ghosts, black cats, spiders and spider webs. This was done in stages so the picture her is from the first stage.
You can see in the the other pictures how good Trevlyn is at matching the nails to the outfits.
The nails for Thanksgiving were painted yellow with brown pilgrim hats and turkeys. Every other nail, alternately. It was amazing art work - and I thought I had pictures but I can't find any anywhere.
The gals have amazing plans for the nails through out the holiday season and I will try to remember my camera and get you the pictures. It looks to be a great happening.

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