Monday, November 29, 2010

My Frost

Rtiza's First Frost turned out to be a flop of a frost.
A great post but no frost for her yet. So here is a post about frost.

But Friday night we got almost up to freezing so I will share a real frost with you. Now, admittedly, it was not our first frost or even our second. But it was beautiful to look at from inside the house.

The bridge to mother's house was covered in snow - no footprints so no one has gone to visit her. The orange is a dam my hubby put over the water lilies while I was gone. The tropicals he brought inside for me, we will see in the spring if they survive once again.
The pond is snowed in - hope all of those plants are hardy and I know that they aren't. There were several types of taro that I had gotten at the chinese grocery in Seattle but I didn't think to take them ini before I left and I also didn't think to ask my hubby to bring them in while I was gone. Oh, well.

I definitely would not want to be out driving in the stuff or, heaven forbid, stuck in some hotel or lodge, unable to get any where because of the snow.

It snowed all day Saturday - not a lot but one of those days where the snow comes down very lightly but steadily. We got only a couple of inches total. The weather stayed cold for both Sunday and Monday - never got above freezing, so the snow is still there although it now has footprints in it. No snow angels tho.
The weeds and plants are all covered and so, no more weeding. There never were any plans for weeding, but if there were, there aren't anymore. Too cold, the ground is frozen, can't see the weeds, don't wanna.
We had to go out today and found all the roads except the main highway covered in a layer of snowy ice. It reminded me of a trip that I had taken recently.
The weather forecast is for colder and colder with another storm system coming at us. A percent chance of snow for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Sometimes you just have to wish you lived in Atlanta where the temperature is up in the 70's.
The alpaca were loving the snow. They have a shelter which they do use when we get rain but they were out frolicking in the snow. I hope this cold weather will encourage nice thick, thick fleeces for the spring shearing. Really thick and fluffy and nice and warm and thick, and lots of it.
The two little white cute things were having a ball finding things out in the snow. They weren't allowed to bring anything found in the house. Outside toys are outside toys even in the winter. Their coats grab the snow when they run through it and then release the snow all over the floor when they come inside.
It is just like magic. And nothing is more fun than running around through all the snow and jumping up into my lap. Well, it seems it is more fun when I have knitting or paperwork or a book in my lap.
What is that growing in that garden behind the dogs? Weeds. Everyone is welcome to come and weed. Now or in the spring, it doesn't matter.

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trh said...

Yuk. I don't like cold. I like it even less when it comes and stays for days, weeks, months. We had cold rain today and I don't like that either.