Friday, November 26, 2010

The Dulcimer is Complete!

And it is absolutely beautiful!  The wormy maple oiled and polished is just gorgeous.  Girl Far From Home did a wonderful job!  Here is the dulcimer before finishing - this may be before we finished shaving down the sides and it is certainly before we sanded the dulcimer.

Here is the dulcimer after all the shaving, sanding, oiling and waxing are done.  The strings are even on.  I have to say that putting the hardware on was easy but stringing it was a little more difficult.  It might have been easy for someone who knew what they were doing, but we didn't.

Here are pictures of Girl Far From Home tuning the dulcimer after we put the strings on.  Tuning any stringed instrument with new strings is a little tricky and until the strings have been on the instrument a while, it doesn't want to stay in tune.  She had to tune it between each playing and it still managed to slip a bit during the playing.  But she was thrilled and it sounded good anyway.

This is her right after her very first song on the dulcimer - you can't tell she's happy, can you?

For your viewing and listening pleasure, her very first song on her brand new, beautiful, handmade dulcimer:


dmr said...


dmr said...

Steffie - that was fantastic.

Teresa - thanks for sharing.

trh said...

I'm sure she will be sharing it on her blog as well . . . she's planning on posting to her blog with the pics I took here over the week she's been home.

The dulcimer will sound better after the strings have been on it a while and have been tuned a few times. It sounded better on later playings of the same song, but I had to have a relatively small video to post!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The dulcimer is beautiful, and I love the video!

Gina said...

Wonderful! There is a group locally that plays at all the summer events. I think your daughter will find much joy in her new dulcimer.