Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have our Turkey roasted, even if Dad hasn't been feeling well (a nasty cold bug).  The girls and I made pumpkin cookies and a sweet potato pie using only potatoes from our yard crop.  It smelled absolutely delicious but we haven't tasted it yet.  We got the recipe from a New York Times article.

Girl Far From Home took the time home to get her hair trimmed and colored.  As usual, Chris did a fabulous job, putting at least 4 different colors in it at once to make sure it looked more natural and realistic.  I think Girl has decided to let it grow a bit so that she can tie it up every now and then . . . we will see how long that lasts.  Right now, it looks absolutely fabulous, both in color and in cut.

While she was home, we did more than a little bit of crafting.  I did a bunch of knitting and more than a bit of tatting, but those pictures will have to wait for another day.  This is her game board and pieces for the game Thud - from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel of the same title.  She used a 16" x 16" piece cut out of a much larger poster and some highlighters to make the gameboard.  We bought some wooden pieces in various shapes to make the dwarves and trolls.  The trolls are in the center, painted gray.  The dwarfs are painted brown and have beards and helmets (and feet).  We've played it a couple of times and she and her sister have played it several times.  I guess she's taking it back to college to see if she can find any other Terry Pratchett geeks.

 Girl Far From Home has also been working on her dulcimer.  I know it doesn't look a lot different than the last pictures, but believe me when I tell you that there has been a LOT (like a HUGE amount) of work going on.  She has shaved down all the sides with a razor blade and then sanded everything smooth.  That types up pretty quickly, but doing it took forever.  She has finished all the coats of danish oil she needed to do and steel wooled the finish.  Later today or maybe tomorrow, we put the paste wax on and when that's done and dry and polished, she gets to put the strings and tuning pins in and on.  Then maybe I'll get to hear it play before she goes back to college!


dmr said...

Thanksgiving looks delicious - and now that you have tasted the sweet potato pie - is she going to be allowed to grow sweet potatoes in the yard next year?

The hair looks amazing. Wish we could have seen it in person - maybe next time.

And you are going to put a recording of the dulcimer playing on here - right? right?? right???

trh said...

I think we should grow potatoes in the yard every year . . . the crop was excellent and the vines are lovely. Dad thinks we should grow them on the hillside instead. We will see how that works next year.