Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Almost Turkey Time!

One little, Two Little, Three Little Turkeys . . .

Four Little, Five Little, Six Little Turkeys,

Six Little Turkeys Ready for Thanksgiving!!!  
(The seventh was far from home, but is back with the rest now.)

Everyone was so happy when Girl Far From Home came home for a visit!  

We dug up Dad's nice lawn and look what we found! Oddly enough, there were absolutely NO potatoes growing in the pot where we originally planted the seed potato.  But wherever the vines touched the grass, they put down roots which grew into lovely potatoes.  See the round one?  That one was bumped right up against the patio and in front of it was a rock.  It's round and flat like a coin because it was growing between a rock and a hard place!

We kept finding more and more potatoes.  We discovered that where the vines had touched the yard longest (closest to the flower pot where we planted the potato), there were several potatoes attached to each joint.  We ended up finding 37 potatoes.

They are the prettiest color after you wash the dirt off them.  I hope they taste as good as they look!  (The girl and her father are cooking one tonight to test them out!)

Have I mentioned how happy everyone is to have her home?

This is the shawlette that I am making from the yarn Mom bought me while she was here.  This isn't a great picture of the yarn - it's the most amazing set of colors with lovely glitz in it.  I'm not usually big on glitz, but in this case, it just works.  I'll get a better picture for color when I've finished.

And Dena bought me the Angels in the Snow tatted snowflake pattern from Tatting Fool also known as Miranda.  It's a lovely pattern.  This is my first attempt at tatting using DMC Cebelia and so far I think I prefer Lizbeth, but it works and it's white which is nice for snowflakes.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

A friend of mine found potatoes in her planter when she went to empty it this fall. She never expected anything to come of her sweet potato vine!

I love the shawlette, and the tatting looks terrific! I also purchased the pattern, but haven't attempted it yet. Soon...

Gina said...

Your shawlette is very "rich" looking, great colors and depth.

dmr said...

How did the sweet potatoes taste? They sure look good from here.

I have one wrister done and want to finish the other before starting the shawl.

And I want to hear how hard the tatting pattern is before starting mine.

Oh, and my husband wants some housework caught up before anything else.

Some people won't get what the want. So Sorry.

trh said...

The sweet potatoes were delicious. She grew them because we saw a show on tv where they said that fresh out of the ground potatoes tasted sweeter and had a lower starch concentration than those that had been stored for any length of time (like even a couple of weeks). Steve cooked some the night we dug them and they were really good.

Angels in the Snow is not difficult but you do need to know how to do a self closing mock ring . . . not hard, you can figure it out or I can show you (did you get skype?). It took me a while, but that is only because I can't seem to find tatting time this month.