Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Road Trip

My tatting tea tuesday isn't ready to show yet . . . maybe tomorrow . . . but rest assured I'm having tea and I'm tatting today and it's Tuesday.

Instead of our regularly scheduled programming, we are going to have a recap of this weekends trip to the mountains.  It was lovely.  The weather mostly cooperated and it was cool, like fall should be and maybe a little crisp at times, but not freezing and the gorgeous surroundings made it ok.  We got the Girl Far From Home moved into a new dorm room with a new roommate.  I'm feeling much better about Girl's safety now that she's moved.

First, we saw this cute critter.  I'm not sure what he/she is, but we were stopped at a light so I got some decent photos.  He/she is about the size of a large cat and moves slowly.  He/she was just scrounging around for some food or something and not in any hurry or in any way frightened of the traffic a few yards away.
Next you get one more shot of the Girl Far From Home working on the Dulcimer.  I am mailing her more tools to use to finish it today.  Until the new tools get there, progress is going to be pretty slow.  She has to whittle off the excess wood on the back and then glue the front and do the same.  Whittling it with a knife (razor blade, actually) is slow and tedious and must be done very carefully.  See all the wood chips on the black drop cloth?  

This is the concert in the garden.  The chorus dresses are really pretty.  They sang beautifully and it was very nice.  There were so many people who wanted to hear them sing that there weren't nearly enough chairs and so a ton of people had to stand.

A couple more shots of the cool spiral staircase.  She thinks they should put a fish pond in that bottom part - it's about 4 1/2 feet deep and is under a skylight, so technically, they could do it.  I'm thinking that some of the less sophisticated college girls would toss stuff into the pond and kill the fish tho.

We went to a volleyball game where they had a costume contest at half time.  The ballerina, the Wild Thing and the bumble bee each won a pizza for their terrific costumes.  It was really fun, the young lady  in the home made ballerina costume (she was very proud of the ballet shoes) was also keeping the crowd engaged during time outs by tossing beach balls around the stands.  The little bee was eating string cheese and goldfish while her baby brother (a mouse) slept through it all.

And this is me with my helper.  I was trying to pay bills when someone decided that I really needed some help and volunteered.  She was very firm and committed in her volunteering too.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! It's run to see your child after a long road trip- me too- my son's 10+ hrs. (PA to MI)! Looks like a woodchuck or groundhog? Ellie

rsf said...

Community service is good for a Cat whose Girl is Far From Home.

Tattingrid said...

I'm from Europe and we do not have such animals over here, but I would go for a groundhog.