Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some After Dinner Tatting

There has been tatting (and knitting) going on around here, though not as much as I'd like.  This is Angels In the Snow from Tatting Fool/Miranda.  Dena bought me the pattern as a gift.  It's not too difficult and the results are quite nice.  This is made in size 20 white DMC Cebelia.
This is the SassiSerpent Bookmark by Brenda Caldwell-Bonilla.  I saw it on The Tatting Forums and found it on Suzann Does it All's blog here.  I thought it was cute and it sure was quick and easy, so I made it out of Lizbeth size 20 in one of the newer colors 100-Falling Leaves.
This is a brown and white bookmark - just a standard edging that I did up one side and then down the other. It's made in Lizbeth 20 Mocha Swirl - and yes, that's brown and white even if it's a terrible picture.
 This is my constant companion - isn't she cute?  She's helpful too!

I got some lovely goodies in the mail too!  A couple of weeks ago, there were several detailed articles about types of beads and contest to win samples on Bree's Way I entered and won!  Bri sent me a lovely and very generous package of beads.  The contest was supposed to include 10 samples of various sizes and colors of seed beads, but Bri also included some lovely variegated thread and a package of really special focal beads.  I'm tickled pink with all these, but I especially love the bigger bead with the silver foil on it - that one gets to be something for me!  Thanks so much Bri!

I also got these books in the mail today.  The first three are crochet books, and have some very cute things in them.  The last one is the one I really wanted and since it's out of print, I hadn't been able to find it.  It came up on ebay a couple of times and I missed it.  This one was also on ebay but since it was not listed by itself, nobody else noticed it and bid against me.  It's the DMC Festive Tatting book.  It has lots of patterns in it for Christmas - a tree topper, a bunch of snowflakes, some edgings and picture frames and a bunch of covered satin balls.  I think several of the snowflakes will be easy enough for me to do.


Miranda said...

I'm so glad you liked my pattern. Very nicely tatted!

ekh said...

You have a wonderful sister who crochets.

dmr said...

That Christmas Angel looks very much like the one mom made for me. I will buy that book from you so I can make that for each of my children.
Love you.