Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Great Escape

First a warning:  If you aren't interested in lots and lots of puppy pictures then you might want to avoid my blog for a few weeks.  When there is this much cuteness around, it's hard to resist.
 This is the doorway to my crafting room.  In this room lives the computer and all my knitting, spinning, tatting, sewing and other crafty stuff.  I've shown the room before - it's a lovely room and I spend a lot of time in it.  Usually Casey sleeps on the tile just outside the room.

I need to contain Zuzu and right now I don't have any baby gates (have some on the way).  So I used those old lego like baby wipe containers to build a wall thinking that would work.

Only I forgot how creative Cotons are.  When Casey was a puppy, she escaped absolutely every enclosure we tried to put her in except the crate which terrified her so we couldn't use it.  Zuzu loves her crate and is happy to sleep in there - doesn't like to be in there awake, but doesn't go insane either so there is hope for her.

Zuzu hates being kept away from the Big Dog.  She worships the Big Dog (the feeling is not mutual but Casey is starting to accept Zuzu a little more).

So first, Zuzu knocks down a few of the blooks and then she pushes.

 Then she steps back . . .

and jumps!  

 And she's over!  (You can just see a little of her fur between the green block and the two upside down yellow blocks, right where Casey is looking.

I'm Free!!!
And now Casey wants to be on the other side of that wall!!!!


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