Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mom's Gift

Mom and Dena visited me about two years ago and Mom bought both Dena and I this gorgeous hank of yarn.  It's Blue Heron Rayon Metallic and mine is in the Chesapeake color way which is blues and golds and browns with gold glitter in it.  I almost immediately knit it up with the free shawl pattern that came with it.  The yarn was glorious and knit up beautifully but the shawl, knit according to the pattern wasn't big enough to use.  I thought I could correct the problem by knitting more of the lace edging, but unfortunately, it was just the shape of the shawl that I didn't like.

So, this finished shawl got ripped out and became a ball of yarn again.  And there it sat, sad and lonely, waiting for me to find the perfect project for it.

Along came Trousseau - a gorgeous half round shawl.  I finished the test knit and only had a couple of things going, so I cast this on for my Olympic knitting.  

 The knitting was complete before the Closing Ceremonies, but it still needed to be blocked.  
It's drying now.

I think I sort of caught the colors in some of these close ups - maybe.

These shots are taken outside on a cloudy day and more accurately reflect the color - and they even show a little of the sparkle.

 This is Girl Far Fro Home modeling the shawl - even tho the ends haven't been worked in.  She got up and got ready for church this morning and then offered to model the shawl before she left.  I grabbed the chance figuring that if I waited, we'd forget until it was too dark or too sunny or one of us was too busy.  I should have been prepared for what happened, but I wasn't.  We finished taking pics (and got some good ones, I think) when she says to me, "Can I wear it to church?"  "Um, the ends aren't worked in," I say.  "I don't think anyone will notice because they'll be admiring how gorgeous it is."

Flattery will get you everywhere - the shawl went to church with the ends hanging out.

Thanks Mom for the gorgeous yarn!  I was lucky enough to get to knit it twice without it showing any wear.  And now I have a stunning shawl - well, maybe I do or maybe Girl Far From Home does, we shall see.  If she gets it, this is the gift that keeps on giving.



Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The first shawl was pretty, but the second shawl is gorgeous! I'd have happily worn it to church with the ends hanging out!

Bonnie said...

And I think you did find the perfect project for it, it's lovely!

Jane McLellan said...

Oh the second shawl is in a different league! Beautiful.