Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On

 The time has come for Girl Far From Home to move out again.  This time, she's not so very far from home.  She wasn't terribly happy at the last college, so she's moved on and the new college is closer to home.  That does not make me sad.  

To begin with, we drove up the driveway in front of the school and dropped all her stuff on the sidewalk.

This lovely crew of women helped get all her stuff off the sidewalk and into the dorm.

 This is her empty room.  The building is old (don't know how old this building is, but it's not new) but beautifully maintained.

 Outside the Girl's dorm room is a common area - very comfortable couches, an ironing board, a table and a kitchenette.  

Her room is in the center (on the left of this pic before the hall starts).  There is a hall on either end with seating at the end of each hall.

 Her door.

 We got her moved in on one side of the room and put up some, but not all, of her Marilyn posters.

 The lobby has several seating areas and two pianos (very old and may or may not work).

And, off to the side of the lobby is a tv room.

 This is the front of her building.  Her room is the top window on the left.

The campus is gorgeous - green, lush and with lots of places to sit, think, study, etc. 

The chapel seems to be pretty new and it's very pretty.  It's also surrounded with lovely gardens on the back and sides - the front is up one level from the back/sides.

 The buildings on campus range from very old (1891) to really new (last year or the year before?).  The nice thing about them tho, is that they all seem to match.  Her last school had modern, old and mid century buildings - it was eclectic at best.

 This sign is to let parents know where there are men's restrooms - it's a women's college, so they aren't just everywhere.

 Another shot of the dorm building - one of them anyway.

Love this old smoke stack.

 This is what the gardens behind her dorm building look like.  She loves that there is a pond - fountain actually and heavily chlorinated.  A nice place to gather her thoughts.

And, sadly, we say goodbye.
We miss her already.


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