Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Home No More

Guess who also went to college last weekend?!?!

 That's right.  The No Home Gnomes are homeless no more.

They led Girl Far From Home right to her dorm.

They checked out one of the old pianos in the lobby.  They think it's beautiful but they don't have fingers to play it.

 They checked out the kitchenette but decided the microwave could be dangerous.

 They tried to get Girl to write about her summer, but she wasn't comfortable doing that just yet.  She was one of only a couple of folk in the dorm she was in when she got there.  She's in a dorm mostly filled with Juniors who arrived on campus later than the freshmen and transfer students.

 They convinced her to walk to the end of the hall and look out the window.  She checked out the seating area while she was at it - nice chairs.

 They took Girl Far From Home and her dad on a tour of the lovely second story porch on the front of the dorm building.  Looks like a few girls catch some rays up there.  Lovely up in the trees, don't you think? 

 Then they showed her where they wanted to live in the room - on the printer right by the window so they can see what's going on  during the day. 

And last, they packed themselves up in her backpack so they could help her explore the campus.
Maybe she'll document some of their adventures for us . . .


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