Thursday, September 29, 2011


You might remember this from an earlier post - it was mentioned in passing as one of my current projects.  Well, the knitting is done - it isn't blocked and the ends are dragging, but those things will happen much, much later.  Here is the finished piece - if you look closely, you can see what it is.  Or maybe it's just me that can because I already know what I'm looking for - it's much clearer from the back or the sides . . . 

This is my first block for the Marilyn Blanket for Girl Far From Home.  She's already finished one too, but I don't have it here to photograph (it's Far From Home).  Mom is working on one and Dena is working on another.  Girl Far From Home is hoping that Crazy Celtic Cousin (or Tall Dark and Kilted as his mother calls him) will also knit one.  The other cousins know how to knit too, as does That Other Girl.  Maybe someone else would like to knit a block?  It's fun and really easy.

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