Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Old Room

Girl Far From Home is Far From Home and all moved into her new, but very old, room.  I think the building that these dorm rooms are in is the second or third oldest building on campus.

This is the old steam radiator - not absolutely sure, but I think it's still in use.

Girl's room is off a hallway that runs behind these stairs.  That makes it a bit quieter because it is off the main hall.  This is a gorgeous old building.

This is Girl, with her stuff mostly in the room but not all unpacked and put away.  You can see how tall the ceilings are in this picture and how big the window she likes to sit in is - well, how tall anyway.

The window behind the head of her bed.  It looks out onto a small driveway across which is another building - think it has laundry and other facility things in it.

 This is the view - out past the building (the dumpster is temporary).

This is the window - remember that the Girl standing doesn't come half way up it - that sill is 14" deep at least  and the window is tall enough for her to sit completely in the frame with it open.

The Marilyn wall.

Marilyn above her dresser - that's a full sized poster and the top of it is higher than I can reach standing on top of the dresser.

The TV, DVD player, mirror and some makeup on her dresser.

Names on the door - must know who is in here!

The outside of the building.

More of the quad.

The hat building at the end of her dorm building - love the hat building.

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Gina said...

It's actually very nice for such an old building. Up until last year, I helped inspect the sorority and fraternity houses on the campus I work at. The girls' are almost always nice, if small and crowded, but the boys....they live very destructively. The biggest problem these days is the number of outlets. They weren't designed for all the electronics we can't seem to live without these days. Even the regular residence hall housing tends to be small, under-outletted, and crowded but most are sprinklered now, which is progress.