Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting a Head Start

On Tatting Tea Tuesday.  My Mom sent me this lovely little tea for one set and I bought this tea at Miss Tami's Cottage when I visited Mom & Dena in Idaho.  Cranberry Orange tea and very, very good!

So, the tea set and tea were put to good use the other day so I could have tea while I tatted.  I haven't finished this piece yet, but I'm hoping that Dena and I can share Tatting Tea Tuesday tomorrow over Oovoo or Skype and I can make some progress on this spinning wheel mat.

Dena sent me all this cool fun fur!  Novelty yarn has become such a bad word these days that it's terribly difficult to find.  Dena has a place where they have it in big fat balls.  I guess there are more hedgehogs and gnomes in my future after all!  (Hey Dena!  Keep an eye out for black fun fur cuz that's what I need for penguins.)

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Tea and it!