Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Knitting up a Storm

Not a hurricane, just a storm!  And while Lee has been down here, I've gotten a lot done.
First, this is the baby blanket that I had been knitting for most of August. Actually, it took me exactly 21 days to finish it, but I don't think I knit on anything else at all (maybe 4 rows on a certain sweater I wasn't supposed to be knitting on).  It's bigger than a normal baby blanket - I haven't measured it but it's bigger.  It's soft, pale pink and very nice.  The pattern is Estonian Lullaby by Fiber Trends.  The baby will love it . . . or else!

This is the To Eyre Shawl that I've been trying to knit for myself all summer.  This is made with Cascade Eco Duo which is 70% undyed baby alpaca and 30% undyed merino wool.  It's soft and it's gorgeous and I love the shades of gray that form the stripes.  The pattern is To Eyre by Carol Sunday.

And it doesn't hurt that it looks good and will keep my shoulders warm when there is a chill in the air.

These are the Hedgehogs before felting.  The pink one is for the new baby, Briana.  She was born on Monday the 5th even though her mom was scheduled for a C-section on Monday the 12th.  The yellow one is for her big brother Taylor - big brothers should get gifts too.  The red, gray and black one is for someone else, a surprise.  The pattern is another Fiber Trends Pattern - Huggable Hedgehog.

This is them felted and stuffed.  This first round of stuffing is to help them dry so it will have to be removed to dry out or it will mildew.  They will get eyes and noses when they are dry and then they'll be restuffed with fresh stuffing and their little bottoms sewed up.  I'll finish them tomorrow if they are dry.

This is going to be a very sweet little baby hat.  This yarn is Be Sweet Bambino Taffy which is 70% organically grown cotton and 30% bamboo.  It's soft and a bit shiny and silky because of the bamboo.  The cool thing about this is that the ball has five different colors of yarn in it.  Each color has enough to knit about a fifth of the hat and then the next color is tied on - so the hat will be striped with pink on the bottom then burgundy, then black, navy and light blue.  It's going to be adorable.

And this is going to be a little baby cardigan.  It's called Hello Baby and was written by Susan B. Anderson.  It just needs sleeves and a button band.  Oh yeah, and it's supposed to have a matching hat . . . all this has to be delivered by Friday for it's ride up to the new parents.

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Anika said...

Wow! You have been knitting up a storm. That blanket is sooo pretty. 21 days! That'd kill me. Knitters must have a great deal of patience, it seems.

I love those hedgehogs. So cute. ^_^