Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby Presents!

The baby things are knitted and delivered.  Well, I delivered them to the Gramma yesterday and she'll be delivering them to the family today.  

I made one little purple sweater.  I had planned to make a hat and booties to go with it, but I just ran out of time.  This is the Hello Baby Sweater by Susan B. Anderson available for free on her Spud & Chloe blog - there are a lot of really cool knitting patterns available free there.

I also made this sweet little baby hat.  It's called the Sweetie Pie Hat and it was designed by Tanis Gray for Be Sweet Yarns.  It comes on the ball band of their Bambino Taffy yarn and it makes a cute little toddler hat with one ball of yarn.  I downsized the pattern to make a newborn hat - the ball actually had one more color change in it that I just left out.  I hope the hat fits.  It was quick and fun to make.

And then there were the Hedgehogs.  This one is for the new baby - a girl.  The fun fur looked multi colored but I had no idea it was going to come out striped.  The way you knit these critters tho, there are rounds around the face that are knit first and the first color on the ball was pink so this little critter has a pink ring around it's front.  

The new baby has a big brother, about 6 I think, and his favorite color is yellow.  I didn't want him to feel left out, so I made him his own hedgehog.  These are such a great size and shape, I figure he and his dad can play football with this one if they want.

This hedgehog isn't going to that family.  I love this one so I'm keeping it.  I had one ball of black fun fur and two partial balls of a variegated gray (some light, some darker) that has a silver tinge to it.  I started with the black and made the ring around the front and then switched to the gray for the back.  When I ran out of gray, I switched back to the black and it worked out that the back is gray and the bottom is black.  It just turned out so cool.  

All three of the Hedgies together - can you tell that the red/black one is a bit larger? You never know what you are going to get when felting (actually fulling if the wool is knit first) because different colors of the same yarn felt at different rates and different wools felt totally differently.  That's ok because the red is for an adult and the yellow and pink are for kids.  Nice how that worked out.

One more pic of the finished baby blanket - so soft and so nice.  

And the whole lot together before I wrapped them.  I hope they like them!

Now I'm going to go tat something . . . no more knitting deadlines for a while.  I think I'll finish that Spinning Wheel mat I started out of Anika's thread first and then I'll finish Bree's pattern.

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Gina said...

Love those little hedgies!