Friday, July 8, 2011

Ready to Vacate

First, and most important, the knitting bag is packed (and yes, there is tatting in there too).  There is enough knitting to keep me busy on seven hours of plane ride and an hour in the airport.

 There is the To Eyre Shawl . . . more than halfway done, but not yet complete.  I was planning to wear it on the airplane if I got chilly but I guess I better not get chilly.  What's left won't take long to finish.

And there is Mom's Swallowtail.  I had hoped to have it finished and blocked but that didn't happen.  It should be finished sometime while I'm there and Dena can help me block it.

The regular purse has been cleaned out and the good stuff moved to the travel purse.  The itinerary and airplane tickets and id's are all in a side pocket and easy to get at.

All the necessary electronics (and a few that shouldn't be necessary) are charged and packed and the chargers are packed.  Modern day life requires altogether too many chargers - especially when traveling with two teenage girls.

The suitcases are packed - sort of - and hopefully will be ready to go when we need them to be ready.  Again, that is always questionable when traveling with two teenage girls!

 I watered the plants in the yard and found several new buds on my little miniature rose.  There are also small tomatoes, not yet ripe, on the galapagos tomato plants.  I picked a few of them already and they were delightful.

The hibiscus in the pond all have buds but this one has really been putting on a show this year.  It has three flowers open today, had two open each yesterday and the day before and has at least four that will open tomorrow when we aren't here.  At least Steve will get to enjoy them!

I even filled the pond up with water . . . we've had rain but we also had some hot days with low humidity and while that was nice to be out in, it caused some evaporation in the pond (and the lily pots and lotus pot).  Casey fed her fish and thoroughly enjoyed helping me with the yard.

Now we are ready to vacate.  The girls and I are going to meet our new Alpaca and play with Dena.  We are going to the Lavender Festival tomorrow and that alone is worth the trip across country!  (Course seeing Mom and Dena and family are no small thing either!)


Michelle said...

Safe travels to you and yours! And have fun!

Gina said...

A Lavendar Festival???? Oh, how cool!