Thursday, July 21, 2011

Farm Fresh

Farm fresh Fiber!  We had to card it ourselves.  Fortunately, Mom had some cards and we were up to the task.  The brown is soft and squishy but the white - Oh My the White!  I'm pretty sure there isn't much fiber on earth as soft and lovely as this white!

This is a deep and rich brown - an absolutely beautiful color.  No, neither of these is from our herd but they are lovely anyway.

This is the white - some washed and some washed and carded.  We hope to be selling some of this fiber as roving and some as mill spun yarn in the future.  (It takes 6 months to get it processed into either, so be patient but please remember us when . . . )

Cherries!  The girls went out with the cousins to pick fresh cherries from the orchard.  They are delicious.  Girl Far From Home used a cookbook that a cousin gave her and made a lovely cherry crumble with a few cups of these.  Most of the rest went into the freezer because, well, cherries don't travel in suitcases very well.

You put the lime in the coconut . . .

Fresh apricots - right off the tree.  Bought these at the first winery we visited . . . and some wine.

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