Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lavender and Tea

I was lucky enough to go spend a week visiting Dena and Mom in Idaho.  She lives a very different life than I do - I'm a city girl and she lives on a farm.  Where she lives reminds me a lot of the south of France where the soil is rocky and they grow lavender and make wine.

I fight traffic daily and she has pastures full of animals and hay.  I buy my lavender in the form of soap or fragrance and she has lavender farms all over her valley.  There is a reason I like to visit her in July - that's when the lavender festivals are and I love to go.  The smell is divine and the flowers in the field are gorgeous.  Yes, there are many bees in the fields but they are far more interested in the flowers than the people and tho they bother That Other Girl, they don't bother me.  Even the travel gnome got in on the fun.

After we got done at the Lavender Festival, Mom, Dena, the girls and I all went to a tea house and had a lovely lunch and some fabulous tea.  I'm hoping that Dena and Mom will go back and get some more Lady Hannah tea for the girls because we didn't quite get around to returning during the trip.

And then, there was much cousin foolishness going on.  And they weren't even drinking the wine - that was for Dena and Me and Mom when she joined us!

Seriously cool wine bottle holders provided by Jon (one of the crazy cousins).

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Dena said...

Truth be told, Teresa spent the week missing home. We went to the post office to mail the packages for our friends. There was no line to wait in. Teresa has used my post office several times and there has never been a line. Teresa misses the 45 minute long line at her post office.

We took mom to a doctor's appointment. It was at the hospital and shared the waiting room with the emergency room and with urgent care. Teresa and I sat and knit while mom was in with the doctor. Only one other person came through the waiting room. Then we took mom for blood work and x-rays. No lines there either, no one in the waiting room. Teresa missed the lines, the full waiting rooms, crowds and rude people.

And our traffic freaks Teresa out. We don't play wall to wall traffic. And during rush hour we don't have a huge parking lot on the interstate.

Poor Teresa.