Friday, July 22, 2011

More Crazy Cousins

Um, did he really put a cat on that alpaca's back?


Um, yeah, he did and the alpaca doesn't seem phased by it.

Hmmm, not sure the cat is really excited about riding an alpaca but Cielito is ok as long as she feeds him.

Cat definitely not excited.

Ok, cat is gone, Cielito could care less, he's got a girl with food.

Cousin safety helmet - useful when around crazy cousins.

Came home from Boise to find this in the driveway waiting for a girl.

No problem - found a willing girl.

And off she rides, into the sunset.  (And she didn't come back till after sundown.)

Cards with crazy cousins.  No wine but lots of fruit and cheese.

And the famous infamous sploded can.  Ask the cousins how this happened.  What nitwit puts a loaded gun in a city girl's hands?  Ask the cousins.

Can't keep a good cousin down.

Unless you weigh a lot more than she does . . .  yes, he really did do push ups with her on his back.

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Gina said...

Ah...summer memories!