Saturday, July 23, 2011

Knitting on the farm

Yes, some knitting and some tatting happened on the farm.  This particular shawl didn't last.  It made it more than halfway (after several attempts) but it just wasn't meant to be.  The yarn didn't suit the pattern and it was being difficult from the get go.  So, after several failed starts, it got ripped back to nothingness.

However, the lovely yarn was reincarnated into a new shawl - it's now almost 1/3 done as the Cedar Wrap by Susan B. Anderson.  It's going to be lovely.  Cannot use this yarn for Girl Far From Home as we have recently discovered that she may be allergic to mohair!  Yikes!

This is the quiviut swallowtail I was knitting for Mom.

I finished it at midnight and Dena and I hurriedly blocked it so Mom could wear it to Red Hats at noon!
(Midnight blocking requires wine - every time.)

One of my models showing it off - it was gorgeous if I do say so myself (and I can cuz I didn't write the pattern).

And Mom modeling her lovely new shawl as she went out the door to her Red Hat luncheon.  She looked lovely!  

To Eyre knit in pure alpaca for myself.  But it looked so good on this model and she liked it so much that I bought yarn to make myself another.  It's a lovely and comfy little shawlette.  I highly recommend this pattern - it's easy to knit and a delight to wear.  Gonna knit a couple of these for Mom too.

Dena's blanket for a boy.  He loved it - as soon as this photo was taken, he spread it out on the grass and had a pizza picnic!

Gramma knitting.  Wine is not optional.

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