Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Critters on the Farm

Dena lives on the Cripple R Ranch - I keep calling it a farm but what do I know?  I'm a city girl.

Anyway, these are five of the six boy alpacas.  From left to right - the fawn colored alpaca near the fence is Encanto.  The white one behind him, also facing the fence, is Kite Runner.  The white facing the camera and not being held is Sonqo and the white one cudding with the girl is Rubicon (he's a real cuddler).  The white one laying down is Cielito - he's eating the special feed that he likes so well.

Front to back - Encanto,  Sonqo (eating), Rubicon near the fence, Kite Runner behind him and in the very back Cielito.

This is the last male.  His name is Polo and he's in the pasture with the girls because there is no keeping him in the pasture with the boys.  He's bad to the bone.

Closeup of Rubicon.

Rubicon again - cute isn't he?  Can you tell he's the favorite?

Kite Runner.

Cielito - the Grampa of the group.


Sonqo - who has a gorgeous fleece.

Polo - making sure everyone knows he's bad to the bone.

Some of the girls - the fawn on the left is Egsotica, the middle with the white bits is Caldera and the gorgeous dark is Kizmet.

Head shot of Caldera.

La Negrita - pure black and gorgeous.  (Angelique on the left and Egsotica on the right behind her).

The girls oggling the girls - you figure out who is who.

A group shot of most of the girls.  

Caldera on the right and her sister Syringa (also a white bit in the top knot) with Chainaral (the white/gray one) between them.

Where the boys meet the girls.
 Some of the girls.  The brown on the left is Syringa, the black in the middle is La Negrita, the brown on the right is Kizmet, the Fawn in the back is Egsotica and the white in the front is Angelique.
 Angelique with her gorgeous blue eyes.

 Kizmet and Chainaral.  Chainaral has the most gorgeous gray fleece - you can see just a little of the gray on the top of her head but the rest of her looks mostly white when she's shaved.


Egsotica who is a very light fawn and very pretty.

That Other Girl cuddling with 'her' alpaca, Rubicon.  They did a lot of that.

The Guard Llama - Tanna.  Tanna didn't have a happy life before she came to the Cripple R and so she's not terribly friendly . . . well, mostly she's a bit frightened of people.  That Other Girl did a darn good job of convincing her that not all people are bad.  She actually got Tanna to eat from her hand.

Dolphin the wonder cat who occasionally rides on alpaca backs.

That Crazy Cousin Jon on his new bike.


Gina said...

They're NEKID! :-)

Teresa said...

Yeppir! Them be some nekkid alpaca! We gonna make some loverly yarn outa they fuzz! I want me somm dat, howsa bout you?