Sunday, July 17, 2011

How real people pit Cherries

Dena has a fancy contraption to pit cherries, but I don't. We brought home ten pounds of lovely cherries that the kids (and cousins) picked while we were in Idaho. Some of them are way ripe and, I'm afraid some got smushed in the suitcases on the way home. We are pitting and freezing the way ripe and squished ones but we still have plenty for eating.

Hand pitting cherries isn't pretty.  I really need a manicure now - have purplish nails and the skin around matches them!

But now we have all these lovely little packages of cherries, each one holding a cup of pitted cherries.  There are four bing and eleven of the yellow cherries (don't remember what they are).  There are also two cups of the yellow and four cups of the bing in a bowl in the fridge for Girl Far From Home to make a crisp with for her Dad's birthday.  (She found several good recipes in the books that Andrew gave her.)  And we still have a couple of little frozen packets from our last trip out there.

The wine all arrived safely.

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