Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Winner!

You might remember that Gina from Threads of a Tatting Goddess had a blogaversary in February - the day before Valentines Day, in fact.  She posted a picture of these adorable little Triangle gift bags that she was planning to give to eight people who commented on her blog post.  Well, I love her blog because its so inspirational and educational for tatting and I really loved the little gift bags - had seen them before - so I commented and my name was drawn from the hat!
The package arrived yesterday and inside is this adorable little triangle gift bag - cuter in person than in pictures!  (It has candy in it but don't tell the girls cuz I'm not sharing!)
And books!  There is a cookbook which one girl has already claimed as her own, a pattern for The Mystical, Magical Biscornu (a pin cushion that involves sewing and tatting - very cute), a Piecework magazine, an old Red Heart booklet - Woolies for Babies and the November issue of Tatting Times.  I am bringing the Biscornu pattern with me when I visit Idaho next week and we can make them.  The Piecework is an issue that has the most gorgeous knit lace shawls in it - I should have taken a picture of that page.  I've always wanted to see a copy of Tatting Times - and now I think I will order a subscription to it.  And the Red Heart Woolies for Babies has some adorable baby patterns in it that we might want to make for that new baby coming from China!

Gina was very generous with her prizes!  Also in the box were some flowery notepads with a matching pen, some rose bath petals, a lovely candle in a tin, a photo holder and a cute little ducky . . . funny but that ducky has also gone missing but I bet if I checked The Divine Miss M's room, I would find it.

And best of all, check out all the tatting stuff!  Gina sent me two butterflies that she tatted herself - and they are so pretty.  One day I hope to be able to tat half as well.  See those lovely lavender earings?  They are so gorgeous!  And there's some lovely thread - one is very fine and I think I will save it for a while before I try tatting with it.  Both threads are pretty - I love the colors.  And the little white silk bag had that gorgeous blinged shuttle in it!  Oh it's so pretty!

I just learned about the One World, One Heart Blog tour this year - it's fifth and final year.  It's a wonderful idea brought together by Lisa Swifka of A Whimsical Bohemian.  Go here and read all about it.  Then go visit some of the hundreds of wonderful blogs she has on the list.  I visited every one of them and it was a blast! 
Anyway, one of the ones I visited was Misty Moon Creations.  I was blown away by these animal eyes that she makes out of polymer clay.  Yes, she makes them.  That is my pinky fingernail in the picture - they are tiny and perfect.  I commented on how fabulous they are and I ended up winning her One World, One Heart giveaway.  Which included these eyes and they are even cooler in person!  You should go check out her tutorial on how to make these eyes even if you never plan to make them because it's just that cool!

She also made this lovely necklace - well it's the pendant part on a string.  My second daughter - The Divine Miss M loves it and I thought I'd put it on something so she could wear it around her neck.

And the last part of the giveaway was an artist's trading card.  Aimee (blog author of Misty Moon Creations) said she'd visit my blog and see what struck her before she made it.  This is what she sent!  I absolutely LOVE it and think we should somehow incorporate it into the blog . . .cool hunh?  I'll bring it when I come to visit.

And, I've been taking pictures on the back patio.  The Daphne is in full bloom and the scent pervades the entire backyard.  Taking pictures these days is a pleasure!


dmr said...

Congratulations on all your wins and thanks for showing off all that great stuff.

Aimee Jeffries said...

So glad you like them, it was my first attempt at drawing/painting a likeness to real people :) I'm loving this beautiful weather, everything is starting to bloom!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Now that's the kind of mail call that everyone likes! Congratulations on your wins. I'm sure you'll enjoy everything!

Gina said...

Lisa from OWOH is having another event next year but it's named One World Our Art. Details haven't been revealed yet but I'm sure it will be just as interesting. I won some prizes that I haven't posted about yet. Two are yet to come so I was waiting a bit.

Glad you liked the package!