Monday, March 28, 2011

Catchup Ketchup

While Teresa is away doing Juror Duty (and it is a LOT more fun than she is making it out to be), I will catchup on my posts.

Yes I finished my tatted bracelet, the Wandering Blooms Bracelet but I still haven't woven

in those pesky ends so I hadn't posted a picture. Since I am not sure when or if those ends are going to get woven in, here is my bracelet.

I have been knitting a variety of baby items for a new grandbaby who is coming just before Easter. Which is right around the corner. Way, Way too soon. So instead of working on those items I worked on some Easter gifts.

Mom and I had been planning on making a rug for Girl Far From Home when we heard about the flood in her room. We decided that we needed to get it done for Easter. I didn't want to post a picture of it and spoil the surprise but it was sent off last week and should have been in her mail box last Saturday. Since she can't pick up mail on Saturday and was fencing anyway, she should be picking up her package today. It contains some other Easter gifts also and maybe she will post pictures of them on her blog. Just wanted everyone to know how much fuzzy white things like the rug. Just in case anyone was interested.

My time to knit is in the afternoon between phone calls and making supper and doing a bit of housework. The best time to sit and knit is in the evening. We turn on a bit of tv, sit in our chairs that we got for Christmas (Thanks mom) and I knit.

I usually have furry things in my lap but I was doing a complicated bit of something the other night (trying to finish up the Rug for Girl Far From Home) and the piece was filling my lap and I had no room at the inn. So hubby graciously took over lap duty for me. The only reason it looks like all four of them are sleeping it because the news is on and they sleep through all but the weather.

For the new grandbaby to be I am making a baby blanket based on Lucy's Baby Blanket by socalknitgirl on Ravelry. I tried it several ways and decided that the safest for wee fingers was to do it all double. I started out doing it as one huge piece and then went to strips. I am thinking that I should have done it as one huge piece so this is as far as I have gotten. Should I continue in strips and sew them together or should I start over as one HUG piece. Thoughts anyone????

I did take a break while I decided how to finish the baby afghan and make the sweater and hat for the baby. I used the pattern Hello Baby Cardigan and Hello Baby Hat. I had more trouble than Teresa learning how to do the i-cord edging. So while my sister is driving through 6 inches of snow, with snow falling and almost white out conditions, on curvey mountainous roads through the Blue Ridge Mountains, she is patiently talking me through how to knit. Isn't she amazing?

I want to find the strawberry buttons for the sweater, which someone used as a backdrop for tatting and then didn't take a picture without the tatting and the camera battery is dead. I would have used tan as per the pattern but I didn't use that in the baby afghan and that is the yarn that was at hand.


Teresa said...

Jury duty probably is more fun out in Idaho. Here, it is painful to get to, miserable to negotiate the bureocracy, overcrowded in the waiting room, overpriced in the lunchroom and generally miserable in the waiting. They told one hundred of us that they needed us for trials at 11:45. It is 2:45 and we are still sitting here and know nothing. I am bored and sleepy and sore from sitting. Not that I am complaining about doing my duty.

Your bracelet is gorgeous! The baby stuff is adorable and I love the rug. I have not heard that she got it, but that could be because she can't call me. Did the rug decorations go in the box as well?

And Fred and the kids look so sweet and happy.

Teresa said...

Oh yeah, the blanket! You know that I hate sewing and would far prefer knitting it in one huge piece to sewing or working in that many ends!

Mr Mrs Crafty said...

Thank you for the follow up email about the fencing... Love the furry fuzzy 4 legged cuties... But the best of all is the baby colors in the blanket. I would sew it up but Teresa may be onto something...