Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Backyard Flock

Hey!  Just like Dena, I have my very own backyard flock!  I don't even have to dye the wool because mine are already so colorful.

And I'm fortunate enough to have my very own sheepdog to keep the flock under control!

Oops!  I missed a day or two here and I have so much to post about!  It's just been so darn busy here lately.  Girl Far From Home is home for a week and what with just getting back from Idaho and then having to go get her and then the car breaking down and this that and the other, well, the blog just slipped between my fingers.  Here's a start on the catch up but there is more.  I haven't taken pics of the tatting yet . . . and it's harder to photograph than the knitting, so it will wait till I have more time.

The Silk Annis is complete and has been worn.  It turned out lovely and I'm happy that I went to so much work to get the second ball to finish it rather than ripping it out.  It's knit with Fiesta La Luz Multi in one variation of the Wild Oak colorway.  The original yarn was purchased at White House Yarn and Fiber Shop in Ontario, Oregon when I was out visiting Dena in Idaho the first time.  The pattern for the shawl is Annis from

I finished the Red Silk Azalea kit from Out Of Step Dyeworks.  That's the one that is supposed to be for me but I graciously offered to let Steve send it to his mother for her birthday (Thursday).  So then the multicolor one that I made from leftover muwata samples from quite a while ago was supposed to become mine.  Unfortunately for me, Girl Far From Home helped me finish these off and decided that she really liked them and wants one - so there goes the colorful one.  I still have two kits to make red and purple ones but those are going to Mom for herself and a friend.  Might have to find some more silk hankies!

The front yard camellias have been blooming for a while but the backyard ones have just begun.  These are all on (or from) the same bush.  I love these flowers!


Gina said...

I've missed a few posts and I don't even have the "busy" excuse! Well...I was busy but not that busy. Love those little sheep. Reminds me of when I visited Ireland. Everywhere I went, I'd see flocks of sheep with a color on them - different colors for different sheep.

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Hi Teresa-just wanted to let you know you have won the Spud & Chloë giveaway on my blog. Please contact me at with your mailing address and I'll get your package off right away!

dmr said...

CONGRATULATIONS Teresa. Too bad she meant that message for me.