Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We saw a lot of critters while visiting Dena.  First, there are all the critters that live with her.  These are her four alpaca - Ceilito, Sonquo, Encanto and Polo.  I'm not sure if I spelled those right or got them in the right order.  Dena will fix the list if it's wrong.  The dogs are Alf and Fritz - her two Coton de Tulears.
This is her oldest son and her cat Dolphin.  Dolphin helps with everything you do.
This is Encanto (I think).
These are Polo, Sonquo and Encanto.
These are Polo, Sonquo and Encanto.
We also saw some Texas Longhorns . . . not a closeup picture!
And this is the elusive pig-dog!  I actually got a picture of it!!!
Bison or buffalo . . . really, really big animals.
More alpaca - these are not Dena's.  I sure would love to have the fleece from that little brown/black one!
And their guard dog who barked like crazy at me even tho I was on top of a mountain and he was at the bottom.  He wasn't letting me get any where near those animals and he didn't even like me stopping and looking from a distance.
A goat that lived near the alpacas.
And miniature horses we saw on the way out of town.  Very cute!

 And, some pictures of Dena's Beaded Shapely Shawlette because I'm not sure she's posted pictures of it finished.  It's glittery because of the beads, but not heavy at all.  It's gorgeous in person!

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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Ooooh I LOVE alpacas. I didn't know Dena had them. Awhile back I tried to talk Jane E. into designing a tatted alpaca, perhaps I should design one myself LOL. But Jane is the genius when it comes to animal designs.