Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Idea? And Sheep!

Dena and I were playing and had this great idea.  I have a yarn bowl and a yarn bell.  Both are wonderful, but both are heavy and not suitable for travel.  But sometimes it's nice to put your yarn (or tatting thread) in something to protect it. 
 See the bottom upside down bowl, it is holding a nice sized ball of blue wool.  The end of the ball is coming out through a grommet so that the plastic isn't snagging the yarn.  The ball can't fall to the ground and get dirty.  So this is what we came up with - do you think it would sell?
This bigger sqare one will hold a skein of yarn.  This particular skein is baby yarn, so there is plenty of room for a bigger worsted weigh skein as you can see.  We tried it with a big fat skein of Galway worsted and it works perfectly.
The clear one that's on its side in this picture is holding a full cake of yarn (420 yards) and it is nice and safe and happy.
And this little one is just the right size for a ball of tatting thread. It will easily hold a ball of Lizbeth or a large ball of DMC thread.  The thread feeds nicely through the grommet on the top and cannot roll away when you pull a little off.

And today, we saw sheep.  Lots of sheep.  Lots and lots and lots of sheep.
And lambs, lots of lambs.
They are shearing the sheep in this part of Idaho this week.  In this valley, they gather all the sheep from miles around (and there are lots of them in this area) in the shearing sheds and the surrounding pastures.  There must have been many thousands of them.  It was such a sight to see.  The ones in this picture are waiting to be sheared.
These white ones have been sheared.
These are mommas and babies - the mommas have not been sheared yet.
And there are the dogs, guarding the sheep.  They were incredibly alert - any sudden moves would have been wasted.
And we saw a huge llama heard - they were pretty far off the road, but there were probably 25 or 30 of them.


sue said...

As I'm looking at your bowls etc, I'd have to say I would not buy them as is. Now if they were decorated and cute besides being functional maybe. As they are I just look at them and think, "what a good idea, think I'll get my crop-a-dile out."

That said, I'm not sure how to dress them up so that they say to me "you NEED me" Of course I spell Need W-A-N-T

Hope that helps

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Those look like Merino sheep; wonder if they are as big a pests as my bottle fed Merinos, Sally and Polly? Gosh, those two are Awful when it comes to the chow line!