Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ghost Buster!

So this little Ghosty belongs to a Pixie from Far Away.  This little Ghosty came to visit me because it was too cold Far Away and this little Ghosty had no clothes.  

I made this little Ghosty a sweater so the cold would be less bothersome.  I probably shouldn't have made a turtleneck since this little Ghosty has no neck - oops!  Now you see this little Ghosty out smelling the flowers. . .

and relaxing on the park bench . . . .

and helping me catch up with all the paperwork.  Oops!  The Ghosty ran off and left all the paperwork for me!  I guess I better quit knitting and tatting and spinning and get to it!

1 comment:

Mr Mrs Crafty said...

came across this - super cute... Where is the ghost now?