Friday, March 12, 2010

They did What?!?! (Or It's ok Dad, we are fine.)

First we got the equipment (and had to figure out how to put it on, more difficult than you would think. Then we had to pose for pictures and make it look like we knew what we were doing.

So excited to try this . . . having fun and very happy!

First run down the bottom of the bunny slope and everyone survived!

And hey! That was pretty much fun!

Lets do it again (and again, and again, and again).

Snowboarding is not quite so easy . . . it's harder to figure out the equipment and harder to stay upright when your feet are bound in place.

A gratutious Jon's butt photo - remember last visit? look here

You start snowboarding on your butt, so it's a colder sport than skiing.

And sometimes you are up . . .

But very often you are down.

S and Mike on the lift, going up for another run . . .

Lookin' good!

And what do you think the grownups did while the kids played . . .

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