Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saturday Afternoon/Evening (3/13)

So, while D, Mom and I went to town, the kids played cards. When we got back, they were still playing cards, but there were more of them. Mom decided to hang with them cuz they was more excitin' than us old fogies!

This is Miss M taking a picture of me taking a picture of her with her new camera. (Thanks Gramma!)

A gratuitous picture of the cute dogs who hang around out there . . .

D and I practiced our Tatting and learned new things about tatting. There was some cussing and fussing to be heard, but nobody was listening. We also studied hard for the tests D was going to have to go thru this week. I tried to teach her how to really study, but she didn't have enough wine at her house.

And the kids continued to play cards and yet another one showed up . . . . how does that keep happening?

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