Sunday, March 21, 2010


I went to rehearsal Saturday an unsuspecting actor. McNair had decided to divide the time between the two shows; Chorus Line went first. Charlotte's Web sat in the audience to watch their run through, and I was begining to get upset at the amount of time we were spending on Chorus line. We'd spent more than half our time in the audience. When we were sent back to the costume shop and there were costumes, well.... You see, costumes are always very exciting. They help an actor get into character and get a feel for the story, they help the audience believe the character and get into the story, and they are fun to wear. So I basically forgot I was angry. The costumes are so cute! Everyone loved them. Here are two pictures of me in my Charlotte costume. Isn't it grand-- or should I say Radiant? You can see most of Templeton's costume, too... I Templeton (the actor-- actors end up being identifiable by their parts). She's a great actress. She does a great job as Templeton.

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