Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sonqo, Polo, Cielito and Encanto

Meet the Handsome Boys! First we have Sonqo (white) and then Polo (fawn). Then we have Encanto (fawn) and Cielito (white). The first three are shorter and younger.

Here are the three younguns together with Cielito in the back at the fence - from left to right in the first picture are Polo, Sonqo and Encanto (with the red necklace). In the second picture its Sonqo in the front, Encanto (again with red necklace) with head up on the right and Polo, not showing as well on the left.

This is Miss S feeding Cielito. He really likes being hand fed. They all like the treats and will take them right from your hand with their soft little noses and lips.
At one point, they all noticed that Miss M had the bucket of treats. They thought for just a few minutes, conferred with each other and then decided that she was small and probably couldn't run fast . . . so, in the last photo, they chased her down till they got the whole bucket!!!

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aafke7 said...

...i would like to touch them gentle... are they scary?