Monday, March 22, 2010

So that post this morning didn't count for much, did it? Here's a bit more. First of all, I just picked up today's mail and it was much better than usual. Sure there was the normal pile of bills and boatload of junk mail but tucked in the middle somewhere was this:

It's my class list and homework for Stitches South! No homework it turns out, but still cool classes!!!

And I'm still trying to tat a little every day - some things turn out better than others. I told you I was starting to work on a much bigger project than I usually do and it's coming along, well, at least it's getting much larger than most of my projects - see:

There's just one, tiny, little, insignificant issue . . . it's supposed to look like this when it's done. It ain't gonna, at least I don't think it is . . .
And, yes Dena, I'm still studying hard, really hard, for you . . . .

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