Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where am I?

Where am I on all those things I have on the needles? Um, some of them haven't moved a stitch in weeks, I'm afraid. The Grazing Sheep bag is knit - well, all except for the bottom. I need to duplicate stitch the sheep onto the bag and then I need to pick up stitches and knit the bottom. As I said in earlier posts, I didn't make it according to the pattern because I thought that was going to be too small a bag. So it will be considerably larger than the pattern said it would - hopefully a useable bag. Need to get those sheep on it and soon.
Then there is the black and red norwegian sweater. This is nice to knit because the pattern is not that complicated and after you knit a repeat or two, it is fairly easy to remember with minimal chart reading. But I'm afraid that my gauge changed between the swatch (which was huge - almost two complete skeins of yarn) and starting the sweater. I think it's really too small and I need to rip it out and knit it on a bigger needle or add a few more stitches to the sides. So, it's in time out for now.
And, not on the list before now are the socks made from the Pesto Numma Numma Toasty that I won in the sock design contest. I started these just before I left for SAFF and then tore them out and restarted them at SAFF so I'd have some stupid easy knitting to do while I was there. They are being knit in the Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern by Nancy Bush from the Knitting Vintage Socks book. It's a really easy pattern to memorize and so it's nice no thinking knitting.

And I knit a bunch on the socks when we took the theater company to the regional competition last weekend. The cast and crew took second place in the one act play competition and our leading man was given the Best Actor award for his terrific performance. It was a long, but nice day.

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